HS2 Questions

Examining the issues around the proposed High Speed 2 route

About Jerry Marshall

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Jerry is a Cambridge University economics graduate, a Chartered Marketer and a serial entrepreneur. He currently runs Transformational Business Network (TBN), a network of business people who use business to bring transformation to the world’s poor.

In 1987 he founded a marketing consultancy providing research based marketing strategies for companies selling business-to-business. In 1990 he co-founded CITEE Ltd, a social enterprise working with long term unemployed people. In 2001, he established Customer Research Technology Ltd (www.crtviewpoint.com), now the largest provider of customer feedback systems to UK retailers and public sector organisations.

In the mid 1990s he won and led a project providing hands-on export help to small and medium companies in the West Bank and Gaza. He joined TBN as a Member in 2004 and developed their work in the Palestinian territories. Projects include initiating a programme creating high potential technology-based companies with links to the Israeli technology sector. This is running in Ramallah and Gaza. He is also working with others to set up a Business Process Outsourcing company.

In 2007 he moved back from his UK companies to join TBN staff as General Manager, supporting individuals and transformational business projects around the world. The last two years have seen rapid growth, with TBN members now leading over 60 business projects creating or sustaining 20,000 jobs in 22 countries.

On March 11 2010 he discovered that the proposed HS2 High Speed Rail route ran through his garden. He decided not to oppose it if it was in the national interest, studied documentation carefully and concluded that there was no economic or environmental case for the project. He now Chairs the AGAHST Federation (Action Groups Against High Speed Two), which co-ordinates the activities of national and local groups.

Jerry has spoken widely at UK and international conferences. He is married with three daughters and is actively involved in a vibrant church in Coventry.


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January 27, 2011 at 10:57 am

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