HS2 Questions

Examining the issues around the proposed High Speed 2 route

What they say about HS2 and the alternatives

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‘HS2 is no substitute for comprehensive regional investment and national sustainable transport strategies. The DfT have ignored all the evidence that shows high speed rail will likely result in higher carbon emissions, and poorer areas will still be on the outside looking in.’

New Economics Foundation

‘In most developed economies high-speed railways fail to bridge regional divides and sometimes exacerbate them… Especially in smaller countries, upgrading existing, slower networks often makes more sense. Capacity can be increased with longer trains and extended platforms. Some spacious first-class carriages could be converted to more compressed second-class ones; Better signalling can increase the average speed of journeys. Britain still has time to ditch this grand infrastructure project—and should.’

The Economist

‘It is utterly indefensible that the Government is planning on spending such an incredible amount of money on this project. There are more affordable ways of getting the capacity needed and a high speed line for the rich, on a route already served by very quick trains, can’t be the priority over giving ordinary families and firms across the country a better deal.’

The TaxPayers’ Alliance

‘HS2 is a hugely expensive scheme which will benefit a minority of wealthy travellers while doing nothing to solve the dire transport problems faced by the majority of the population. If HS2 offered good value for money or significant environmental and economic benefits then perhaps a case could be made for it. Unfortunately it does neither.’

RAC Foundation

‘The burning need in public transport is not for sexy, pointy-nosed high speed trains whose economics simply don’t stack up. It’s for boring unglamorous improvements to the services we actually use.’

Andrew Gilligan, The Daily Telegraph

‘Too much is being spent on these big vanity projects, such as High Speed 2, and not enough on local schemes that will offer practical benefits in people’s daily lives.’

Andrew Lee, Sustainable Development Commission


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September 10, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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